893.248/12–1348: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2506. We were called to Foreign Office December 13 by Vice Foreign Minister George Yeh requesting that we reexplore possibilities assisting Chinese removal CAF supplies from Shanghai. We took [action?] directed in Deptel 1810, December 11, and Foreign Office is canvassing possibility using shipping turn[ed] over China by US. In meantime we are asked to inquire of Department re possibility Bosey acquiring American flagshipping under charter party for removal these supplies. In effort avoid charge participation fratricidal warfare, Yeh asked us inquire whether movement could not be considered redirection of shipment to Taiwan rather than to Shanghai, [Page 274]maintaining majority supplies still in original packages. We are continuing pressure Chinese-use their own-devices remove supplies but would appreciate Department’s reaction Foreign Office request.