893.248/12–748: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2443. Embassy discussed with Foreign Minister76 December 4 movement CAF equipment to Taiwan (reference Deptel 2082, December 2 to Shanghai, repeated Nanking as 1759) and urged extreme desirability Chinese effective action to remove equipment. Foreign Minister not hopeful of Chinese ability secure necessary bottoms.

At Embassy meeting December 6 with General Barr, Admiral [Page 273]Old,77 Colonel Saunders representing General Thomas, and Crowe78 of ECA, possibilities US assistance further explored. General Thomas will put pressure on Chinese to exert maximum efforts. Admiral Old will approach Admiral Badger to ascertain feasibility use of US Navy transportation for this purpose.

Sent Department, repeated Shanghai 1227 for Lapham.

  1. Wang Shih-chieh.
  2. Rear Adm. Francis T. Old, Chief of the Naval Advisory Division, Joint U. S. Military Advisory Group in China.
  3. Philip K. Crowe.