893.20 Mission/6–1548

Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Chinese Affairs (Sprouse) to Brigadier General Marshall S. Carter54

Attached is a memorandum55 approved by Mr. Butterworth, commenting on the Joint Chiefs of Staff Directive for the establishment of a Joint Military Advisory Group to China. This directive (copy attached)56 was handed to Mr. Butterworth on June 12 by General Schuyler57 and General Luedecke58 with the request that he look it [Page 265] over in the light of the Secretary’s meeting with Mr. Royall and others on June 11 and give them his comments. General Gruenther59 telephoned Mr. Butterworth this morning to ask that these comments be made available not later than 4 p.m. today for a Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting.

Mr. Butterworth desires that this memorandum and the directive be submitted to the Secretary for his approval before any comment is communicated to the JCS. He suggests that you get in touch with General Gruenther on this matter after the Secretary has read the documents and commented thereon.60

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  4. Brig. Gen. C. V. R. Schuyler, of the Division of Plans and Operations, Army General Staff.
  5. Brig. Gen. Albin R. Luedecke, member of the staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  6. Maj. Gen. A. M. Gruenther, Director of the Joint Staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  7. On June 16 Mr. Butterworth wrote an additional memorandum to General Carter stating: “Incidentally, I think the attempt to attain coordination through rotation of command in this instance is little short of absurd though I did not touch on that matter in the memorandum. To have the Army and Air Advisory Groups under the command of the Admiral-in-charge of the Naval Advisory Group, most of which is located in Tsingtao in the work of which the Chinese Government is, in fact, but little interested, will appear to the Chinese strange indeed.” (893.20 Mission/6–1648)