Nanking Embassy Files, Lot F73—800 Nationalist-Communist (1948)

The Commander of U. S. Naval Forces in the Western Pacific (Badger) to the Chief of Naval Operations (Denfeld)

060027Z. Chinese Minister National Defense at conference with American Ambassador, Admiral Badger, General Barr and General Cheng Kai-min, made following statements at direction of Gimo relative to subject my dispatch 240715Z, August:5

Chinese were ready prepare requisition for weapons for seven armies plus three reorganized divisions in quantities listed my dispatch 060119Z6 as soon as prime quotations received.
Estimated cost based on standard price list 1945. Spare parts and accessories for weapons amount ten percent weapon cost.
Transportation by US Navy to China requested without charge.
Total requisitions estimated 27 million dollars chargeable 125 million dollar US Military fund China.
North China and Shantung would be given first priority in distribution.

Earliest information as to our queries and proposal US Government regarding arms supply is essential permit Chinese implementation their plans and to avoid embarrassment US representatives in view our repeated urging to Chinese that time was utmost importance and they must expedite their action.

Believe observed upswing Nationalist optimism and present offensive spirit definitely linked to anticipated US aid. Early aid will contribute materially to desired timing in augmenting effort of Nationalist offensive. In order to provide maximum means for Nationalist Government to implement positive action against Communists, it is recommended that cost of material be kept to a minimum so that needed quantities can be obtained. Chinese Government ready to follow up program on receipt of unit costs from US. See also my 060005Z.7

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