The Secretary of the Army (Royall) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: Reference is made to State Department secret document PCA/PD–11, dated August 20, 1947,75 subject: “Policy with respect to Relative Priorities for Receipt of U. S. Military Supplies”, which has been furnished to the National Military Establishment for guidance.

As you know, since the publication of referenced document, governmental commitments have come into being in connection with aid to [Page 117] China, Iran, and Argentina. As a result, the National Military Establishment is faced with the responsibility of implementing these programs in addition to the current programs in connection with Greece and Turkey.

In view of the civilian personnel ceilings imposed by the Byrd Law76 on the National Military Establishment, it is not possible to increase the employment of civilian personnel to the number necessary for implementing all foreign aid programs simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to continue adhering to a system of priorities for implementing foreign aid programs. At the present time the capacity of the Department of the Army for handling foreign aid programs simultaneously is fully absorbed by the programs for Greece and Turkey.

Accordingly, I request that the Department of the Army be furnished with a current revision of the State Department document PCA/PD–11 to reflect priorities for implementation of current and imminent foreign aid programs, particularly with respect to Greece, Turkey, China, Iran, and Argentina.

Sincerely yours,

Kenneth C. Royall
  1. Not Printed.
  2. Sec. 14 of the Federal Employees Pay Act of 1946, approved May 24, 1946; 60 Stat. 219.