893.00/2–2948: Telegram

The Consul General at Peiping (Clubb) to the Secretary of State

104. ReContel 101, 28th.82 Communist North Shensi radio last night announced launching general Communist attack on northeast Kaiyuan afternoon 27th and capture that point same evening with destruction one regiment Nationalist temporary 39th Division and in addition that part of temporary 62d Division which had withdrawn from Faku. Report stated battle results being checked.

Same broadcast carried further laudatory message from Communist northeast Commander in Chief Lin Piao and Deputy Political Commissar Lo Jung-heng to Commander Wang Chia-shan and troops of temporary 58th Division which reputedly (see Consulate’s reference telegram) turned over to Communists at Yingkow.

Sent Department as 104; repeated Nanking as 165, Tientsin, Mukden.

  1. Not printed.