893.00/2–2448: Telegram

The Consul at Tientsin ( Hinke ) to the Secretary of State

49. Local press reports Communist troops launched attack on Changchiawo and Yangliuching 8 miles west of Tientsin between 11 and 2:30 last night. Audible gunfire shook municipal area. Self Defense Corps and 92 army units repulsed attack. Villages south of Wuching midway between Peiping and Tientsin reportedly seized by Communists during night February 22 and Hohsiwu north of Wuching taken on 23rd. Paoti some 40 miles north of Tientsin also occupied by Communists February 22. Yangtsun some 14 miles northwest of Tientsin occupied by Communists 22nd retaken by Nationalists 23rd. Military situation in Tientsin area quiet this month up to now.

Sent Nanking as 102; repeated Department as 49; Peiping February 24.