893.00/2–2348: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

338. ReEmbtel 337 of February 23, UP61 correspondent Robert Clurman has correctly quoted me in the interview which I gave him, since he read back the quotes to me and I approved them. I did not however fully realize the interpretation thereon which would be given in certain newspaper headlines. It was certainly not my intention to propose a resumption of Government–Communist negotiations or to suggest that I have any real hope or expectation, despite certain underground maneuvers which are presently taking place in China, that such negotiations could be expected in near future or that they could have any possibility of success. It was merely my intention to express what I believe to be a basic hope of the American people that in some fashion peace can be restored to this unhappy country and that the fundamental social revolution now taking place might somehow be solved by democratic and peaceful means.

Subsequent to publication of my interview with UP it seemed desirable to elaborate my statements to all American correspondents in Nanking and I did so in the hope of correcting the erroneous impression I had given. I deeply regret the misinterpretation and trust that it will not prove an embarrassment to the Department in its current discussions with Congress on an American aid program for China.62

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