693.0031 Tibet/1–1548: Telegram

The Consul at Calcutta (Thompson) to the Secretary of State

12. Ur 279, December 26.5 Tibet Trade Mission scheduled leave Calcutta CNAC6 January 19, stay Hong Kong 1 week, then proceed Shanghai, Nanking. Have suggested call ConGen Shanghai earliest re visas and desire visit Japan. Mission hopes depart for US about March 15, 2 weeks Japan en route. All members have identity certificates issued by Tibet Government including Kuladhak Maratna, Nepalese servant. Leader indicated unlikely take out Chinese passports.

Copy Delhi, please inform Shanghai, Nanking.

  1. Sent as telegram No. 812, December 26, 1947, 6 p. m., to the Chargé in India, Foreign Relations, 1947, vol. vii. p. 604.
  2. China National Aviation Corporation.