121.5493/9–3048: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

1385. Dept issued no statement re clearance attaché plane flight Tihwa (urtel 1798 Sept 30). Believe story misrepresentation reply to Central News query about Sept 10 when Dept officer indicated (1) not our opinion ChiGovt had placed blockade against US planes; (2) ChiGovt had informed us would require prior clearances all future [Page 749] flights; (3) we understood ChiGovt presently revising regulations governing air transport.

While Dept believes inadvisable issue denial or otherwise revive public interest in story now dead in US press, Emb in its discretion may find occasion and means use this apparently deliberate misrepresentation by ChiGovt agency in pressing for early solution of problem.