121.5593/9–1148: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

1299. Dept requests you again orally inform FonOff USGovt gratified 1939 agreement terminated and trusts no further action will in any way affect flights US planes servicing Consulate Tihwa (your 1640 Sept 7). If Emb considers it desirable in order insure freedom movement US planes you may take position this Govt sees no connection provisions agreement establishing commercial air monopoly and right USGovt aircraft operate noncommercial basis (your 1594 Aug 30).

Reasons set forth urtel 1624 Sept 4 against assignment Attaché’s planes Advisory Group valid but in view FonMin action assignment planes Advisory Group appears offer only solution if planes remain operational.

In forming FonOffi planes being assigned Advisory Group Emb should express hope restrictions mentioned urtel 1636 temporary and [Page 746] stress desirability having planes at earliest opportunity returned to control Attachés who function under Emb. In discretion Emb might point out US offers China reciprocal rights operate Attaché planes but FonOff action places China under same restrictions countries not offering reciprocity. Procedure governing use foreign Attachés’ aircraft in US being sent separate telegram.36

  1. Telegram No. 1298, September 11 not printed.