893.00 Sinkiang/4–1348: Airgram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Smith) to the Secretary of State

A–374. Reference Embassy’s despatch no. 808 of February 11, 19476 entitled “Views of Turkish Ambassador to China on Sinkiang Problem.”

The Embassy is unaware whether anything ever came of the suggestion that Turkey establish some form of representation in Sinkiang but believes the encouragement of closer Turkish ties with this area of Asia still to be a valid and worthwhile objective. Developments of the past year have served only to emphasize the urgency of countering Soviet influence in Central Asia. It is therefore suggested that the Department may again wish to explore the question of Turkish representation in Sinkiang and that the opinions of the Embassies in Nanking and Ankara would be pertinent.

It is also suggested that in assigning personnel to Tihwa consideration be given to selecting officers with Near Eastern experience and knowledge of the Turkish language.

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