893.00/12–2247: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Tihwa (Paxton)

1. Dept would appreciate receiving detailed info re Sinkiang Moslem elements favoring closer relations with Pakistan and Afghanistan as counterbalance Chinese and Russian pressure. (Urtel 85 Dec 222). In Nov at UNGA3 meeting member Indian delegation told Dept officer that Pakistan agents had entered Sinkiang with view obtaining support for “greater Pakistan”.

Attitude Pakistan and Afghanistan leaders to USSR believed to be basically anti-Soviet and characterized by fear and suspicion Soviet motives. Afghan geographic and economic position impels that country maintain correct diplomatic relations with USSR. Thus far diplomatic relations USSR and Pakistan not established. Unlikely Pakistan and Afghanistan would enter Soviet sphere except as result Soviet aggression, or wholesale infiltration.

Sent Tihwa repeated by airgram Moscow, Nanking, Kabul. Karachi, New Delhi, London.

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