893.00/11–1548: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2221. In recent conversations with Generalissimo it has developed that he is seriously considering desirability of referring problem of Chinese civil war to UN as constituting threat to world peace. I also have reason to believe that T. V. Soong is urging this course upon him. Chiang is motivated, I believe, by the difficulty National Government has had in identifying in public mind Communist rebellion with foreign aggression. The apathy of Chinese generally [Page 571] toward extension Communist domination is explained to large degree by their considering Red forces as Chinese and not as agents of foreign power. Reference of question to UN he thinks might force USSR to take position clearly identifying it with Chinese Communists. If UN were to consider Chinese problem effort would probably be made to bring about cessation of hostilities and thus freeze his presently deteriorating military positions and give him breathing spell.

Since continuation of present trend of military events presages Communist domination of all China, he finds little to be lost at this stage by bringing Soviet Union through UN openly onto China scene.

I can see objections to such course such as (1) extensive American assistance to Nationalist Government, including military aid, could be used by USSR as new basis for attack on US in UN council in now familiar pattern; (2) Soviets might consider time propitious to identify themselves with “new democratic forces struggling liberate China from reactionary Kmt and American imperialism” and use this opportunity to pose publicly as champions Chinese masses; (3) UN, already overladen with major problems western world, might be unable support strain of added burden represented by complex Chinese situation.

In any event as matter is obviously receiving Generalissimo’s attention I should be grateful for any views Department may have for use in case question is again raised.