893.001 Chiang Kai-shek/11–1548: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cabot) to the Secretary of State

2407. Following is message referred to mytel 2406, November 15, 1 p. m.

“To General Marshall: Chiang Kai-shek is a fatal liability in the present desperate situation. He must go. It is the considered opinion of mine and that of a wide group of intransigent progressive intellectuals and leaders that only one course remains open if American policy is determined to save the situation. It is imperative to take decisive action immediately to rally and fortify that will of resistance of reliable fighting forces in order to prepare for the situation which must be well under control when the exit of Chiang Kai-shek is to be effected. If America ignores the nuisance opposition of Chiang Kai-shek and gives sufficient encouragement and effective aid directly to Generals Pai Chung-hsi and Fu Tso-yi and gives assurance of aid to Generals Hsieh Yueh and Chang Fa-kwei who though deprived of command by Chiang Kai-shek are in position to recruit and regroup especially Cantonese forces, a last ditch battle making effective use of American arms can be assured. With Fu Tso-yi and the forces of the northwest holding North China, with Pai Chung-hsi strengthened by Hsieh Yueh and Chang Fa-kwei who are ready to take action pending your assurance holding the south and with the forces of Yunnan, Kweichow, Szechuan falling in line, the cause is not yet lost.

Besides these measures which must be taken immediately if they are to be effective, America must prepare to encourage and assist the rise of a new militant leadership composed of the best elements and tried leaders who are to rally around Li Tsung-jen. An overall plan political, military and economic must be drafted by consultation and [Page 569] effectively enforced with American technical assistance and direction. It is a race against time.

“I appeal to you in the name of democratic cause and solidarity and on behalf of all intransigent elements whom I am in contact to give this proposal your sympathetic and prompt attention. History imposes on American statesmanship the duty and task to direct and shape the course of human destiny. China awaits your help. Carsun Chang.”

Sent Department; repeated Nanking 1822.