893.00/11–1348: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2208. As Department may know, there is meeting of Provincial Governors in Nanking to discuss strengthening of total war and food situation. T. V. Soong, who is among them, called on me afternoon of his arrival. His principal concern with conference is food.

[Page 566]

On the general situation Soong repeatedly said he would resist communism to end in his own province (Kwangtung); that this was his duty as Chinese citizen because he was fighting Russia; that he would do his best and take consequences. He was in fatalistic mood regarding military reverses thus far and outlook for future, but nothing would change his own resolve. He foresaw some kind of league of governors of southern provinces in resisting Communist advances.

He was very critical of Generalissimo for his high-handed tactics, general obstinacy and particularly his use of incompetent men. He foresaw difficulty in any attempt of Generalissimo to make stand any where south of Yangtze; in rallying public support and consolidating southern regions, and at same time making preparations to drive Communists back from Yangtze. In discussing almost total lack of approval of Generalissimo’s position both within Government and by Chinese public, Soong blamed hero-worshippers around Generalissimo for not keeping him better informed.

Governor Soong, while seeming cheerful in a resigned sort of way, is obviously worried, depressed and not in best of health. He confided that he was still suffering from chronic stomach trouble and sleeps only with aid of drugs.