893.01 Manchuria/11–948: Telegram

The Consul General at Mukden (Ward) to the Secretary of State

539. Sheng Tang Shih Pao today states North China People’s Government established September 20 with Tung Pi-wu [as] Chairman and Pu I-po, Lan Kung-wu and Yang Hsiu-feng [as] first, second and third vice chairman respectively. Other heads of Government Lan Kung-wu, Minister Interior; Chao Chieh-fu, Minister Education; Jung Tse-ho, Minister Finance; Yao I-lin, Minister Industry and Commerce; Sung Shao-wen, Minister Agriculture; Huang Ching, Minister State Enterprises; Wu Ching-tien, Minister Communications; Yin Hsih-peng, Minister Health; Hsu Chien-kuo, Minister Security; Hsieh Chueh-tsai, Minister Justice. November 2 will henceforth be celebrated in northeast as Victory Day.

Sent Nanking 672, repeated Department 539, Tientsin 179, Peiping 264.