893.00/9–1748: Telegram

The Consul at Mukden (Rinden) to the Secretary of State

373. Communist attack Chinchow area centering around Yihsien, 30 miles north Chinchow, where Communists have isolated one entire Government division of 93rd Army. Immediate Chinchow area quiet. On September 14 small Communist unit succeeded infiltrating Chinhsi–Hulutao spur of Mukclen–Peiping rail line. Spur line cut two places but counterattacking Government units forced Communist withdrawal and rail line immediately repaired. Press reports heavy damage done Hsingcheng–Suichung section Mukden–Peiping rail line.

Government forces launch minor raids from Liaoyang, south Mukden. Small scale attacks indicates sole purpose action secure food producing area presently held by Government.

Sent Nanking 483, repeated Department 373, Peiping and Tientsin.