893.24/8–1648: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

1236. While I should welcome an opportunity discuss with you personally China situation, I concur your opinion expressed final paragraph urtel 1542 Aug 16. Your despatches and telegrams most helpful in their appraisal of situation and possible course events in China and your absence from China this critical stage of developments would be felt. Your return U. S. this juncture would inevitably give rise to speculation, some of it perhaps seriously harmful to National Govt, particularly if no concrete results in form increased aid followed such visit. It would probably raise hopes Gimo for immediate aid over and beyond that now being extended under China Aid Act,79 which could be increased only through Congressional action.

Suggest, therefore, tell the Gimo you keeping me fully informed [Page 440] developments China and your presence Nanking deemed essential this critical period.

General tone Generalissimo’s remarks urtel 1542 gives impression China has received little or no aid from U. S. or that what aid recd has been little value. Should he again raise this question, tell him this Govt surprised at implication in such statement, particularly since U. S. has extended over $2 billion in aid to China since V–J Day, has provided services considerable numbers military advisors and at present engaged in further China aid program. You should point out this aid represents substantial contribution on part American taxpayer and it difficult understand Generalissimo’s characterization U. S. efforts assist China.

  1. Approved April 3, 1948; 62 Stat. 158.