893.00/8–2048: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

1543. Local vernacular press carries following text of order issued August 17 by Executive Yuan:

“In rebelling against the nation, the Communist bandits are not only engaged in manslaughter, arson, and pillage by force of arms, but also have set spies, circulated rumors and instigated workers’ and students’ strikes in the rear. The responsible authorities may not have taken strict precautions or handled the situation in earnest. During the bandit suppression period, preservation of social order and elimination of bandit spies are essential to ensuring the safety of the people and guarding the foundation of the state. Attention is hereby called to the following four points:

In accordance with article 3 of the Prosecution Law of the Criminal Code, in making arrests according to law judicial and police agencies may search residences and other places without a warrant if there is sufficient evidence for establishing the crime of the accused and if the situation is urgent. But places of military secrecy may not be searched without the permission of the officer-in-charge.
Liaison will be established with responsible administrative agencies in banning bandit-inspired strikes or other activities [Page 422] interfering with production. Those who disobey the ban will be turned over to the special criminal court for punishment according to law.
Student bodies which interfere with the bandit suppression campaign by calling strikes, staging demonstrations, presenting petitions, and making oral or written propaganda on behalf of the bandits are to be dissolved or prohibited from doing so. Chief offenders will be turned over [to] the special criminal court for treatment according to law.
Those in charge of Government agencies, civic bodies, and schools are responsible for ensuring order within their organizations. When they find their fellow members instigating the activities set forth in (2) and (3), they are to report to the local peace preservation agencies and, insofar as possible, help collect evidence. Those who fail to do so will be punished.”