893.01/8–1748: Telegram

The Consul at Peiping (Touchette) to the Secretary of State

307. On August 16, there was inaugurated at Peiping a conference tending to make more effective politico-military coordination and cooperation measures among North China component governmental departments. Conference presided by Commander in Chief North China Bandit Suppression Forces Fu Tso-yi and attended by Governors Hopei,53 Jehol54 Chahar55 and Suiyuan56 provinces, mayors [of] Peiping57 and Tientsin58 together with military leaders such as General Chow Ti-jen, Peiping Garrison Commander Chen Chi-cheng, Tientsin Garrison Commander Chen Chang-chieh and Peace Preservation Deputy Commander Chen Kwang-tou of Hopei. Press states over 50 persons attending conference opening. In opening speech Fu Tso-yi stressed all-out North China Communist suppression campaign, pointing out ways and means to closer cooperation between military and political authorities.

Topics on agenda: (1) Acceleration Communist suppression in North China; (2) Review past military and political activities and probably defining a new policy; (3) Attempt to [get] closer military and political coordination and cooperation; (4) More extensive training local defense corps and closer cooperation with national offense.

  1. Gen. Chu Hsi-chun.
  2. Sun Tu.
  3. Gen. Fu Tso-yi.
  4. Lt. Gen. Tung Chi-wu.
  5. Liu Yao-chang.
  6. Lt. Gen. Tu Chieh-shih.