893.00/8–1048: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1476. Following telegram 129, August 6, received from Hong Kong:

“Questioned concerning press accounts contact between Mao Tze-tung37 and Li Chi-shen,38 C. Y. Li39 today asserted: 1. For some weeks Communists exerting strong pressure on Marshal for latter’s support of PCC40 in liberated areas; 2. Communist broadcast is evidence of significance attached by Communists to Marshal Li and KmtRC; 3. Communists presently negotiating with Marshal concerning possible Communist broadcast soon announcing Communist recognition KmtRC and Communist willingness recognize sincerity Kmt members who support KmtRC despite past reactionary records; 4. During recent visit T. V. Soong41 held secret talks with Marshal (reported in yesterday’s local press) and repeated predictions early collapse Generalissimo; 5. Marshal recently received confidential letter of [Page 411] support signed by over 100 Peiping intellectuals including Chang Tung-sun.42

While C. Y. Li doubtless overstressing Communist pressure inability of Marshal indefinitely to withstand determined Communist pressure, in present situation is possibility despite his apparent sincere desire to establish provisional government in non-Communist territory and to hold PCC after Generalissimo’s fall.

C. Y. Li claimed in strictest confidence that support of Li42a and Pai43 now assured but decisive move against Generalissimo must come from south where action delayed owing failure thus far to arrange flight of three key men from Nanking.”

Sent Department 1476, pouched Consulates, China.

  1. Chairman of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.
  2. Marshal Li was Chairman of the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee (KmtRC).
  3. Member of the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee.
  4. Political Consultative Conference.
  5. Governor of Kwangtung.
  6. Professor of philosophy at Yenching University.
  7. Vice President Li Tsung-jen.
  8. General Pai Chung-hsi, Commander in Chief of the Central China Bandit Suppression Forces.