501.BB Palestine/9–148: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Douglas ) to the Secretary of State

top secret

3927. Asked August 31 re timetable FonOff has in mind re course suggested Embassy’s 3880 August 27, Burrows and Beeley spoke along following lines.

2. As visualized in FonOff, stage one would be achievement of agreement between US and UK re substance Mediator’s statement and tactics best suited to making it effective. This will depend upon time required to iron out differences in US and UK thinking but it should be as short as possible.

3. Stage two would be US and UK presentation to Mediator of their agreed views which Mediator may wish to alter in accordance with his own ideas. British regard this as stage of cardinal importance since statement must appear to be entirely Mediator’s own and must, have behind it full weight of Mediator’s conviction. Time required for stage two might be one week.

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4. Stage three would be US and UK agreement to support Mediator’s final draft of statement and agreement on substance of US and UK public statements to be issued at stage four. Department suggested such statements in paragraph 6 Department’s 3208, August 13. Time required might be relatively short.

5. Stage four would be active one involving (a) approaches by US and UK to both Arabs and Jews urging them to acquiesce to Mediator’s proposals; (b) publication of Mediator’s statement by SC; and (c) issuance immediately afterwards of US and UK endorsements worked out at stage three. FonOff considers it important that US–UK approach to Arab and Jewish leaders should be made in advance of public outcry which will inevitably follow publication of Mediator’s proposals. Danger that this procedure might seem to prove US–UK collusion with Mediator would be reduced if he could be persuaded to give copies of his report to principal parties before sending it to Sec Gen. This delicate period, which would also include US and UK lobbying with SC members for support for proposals in SC, might take ten days.

6. Stage five would be consideration of proposals by SC. If all goes well this might take place about September 20. British believe SC action desirable before UNGA gets down to work.

7. FonOff would appreciate receiving Department’s views re foregoing ideas at early date.