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501.BB Palestine/5–448: Telegram

The United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin ) to the Secretary of State


568. For Rusk. Supplementing phone conversations, we feel strongly prompt initiative should be taken in first committee to suspend November 29 resolution and to support SC truce terms. Urgently request authorization to introduce resolutions along following lines:

Suspension of November 29 resolution:

“The first committee:

In accordance with the resolution of the GA of 19 April 1948 referring to the first committee for consideration and report ‘further consideration of the question of the future government of Palestine’;

Recommends to the GA the adoption of the following resolution:

The GA:


That in view of the actual situation in Palestine the plan of partition with economic union as set forth in its resolution No. 181 (11) of 29 November 1947 cannot be put into effect on 15 May 1948;


To suspend, as of this date, the recommendations to the UK as the mandatory power of Palestine and to all other members of the UN, the requests to the SC, the responsibilities imposed upon the TC and upon the UN Palestine Commission, the call addressed to the inhabitants of Palestine, the appeals to all governments and peoples, and the authorizations to the SYG, as set forth in its resolution of 29 November 1947.”

Support of SC truce terms:

“The GA:

Taking account of the resolutions adopted by the SC with reference to Palestine on March 1, April 1, April 17 and April 23, 1948, and

Taking particular note of the SC’s resolution of 17 April 1948, which set forth the specific terms of a truce for Palestine;

Appeals to all persons and organizations in Palestine and especially the AHC and the JA, and to all governments and particularly those of the countries neighboring Palestine, to comply with the resolution of the SC of 17 April, 1948.”1

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  1. In a memorandum for the files, dated May 6, Mr. McClintock stated in part: “On receipt of telegram 568, May 4, from USUN, suggesting that the Department authorize the introduction of a resolution by the United States Delegation to suspend the November 29 resolution on the partition of Palestine, Mr. Lovett directed that no such action be taken.

    “Following consultation with Mr. Rusk, I telephoned Mr. Ross in New York City and at 6 p. m., May 4, said that the Department could not give approval to the suggested draft resolution. I stressed that our principal effort at the moment should be on the truce and cease-fire. One of the articles of the proposed truce did, in fact, include provision for suspending the effect of the resolution of November 29, 1947, for the duration of the truce.” (501.BB Palestine/5–648)