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501.BB Palestine/4–1048: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Egypt

secret   us urgent

398. For Tuck from Henderson. Unless you perceive some reason for not so doing please get in touch at once with Azzam Pasha and give him orally following personal message from me:

“Unless we can achieve success in UN efforts to bring about truce between Arabs and Jews in Palestine and effect an arrangement whereby interim governmental machinery will be provided for Palestine after May 15 chaotic conditions will prevail in that country resulting in great loss of life and destruction of property and the security of whole Middle East may even be threatened. If this disastrous situation is to be avoided counsels of moderate Arabs and Jews must prevail. We therefore feel it is important that there should be wider representation of wise and temperate Arab leadership in US at present time. I urge therefore that you plan to come to US at earliest possible moment either alone or accompanied by other Arab leaders whom you consider might be helpful in this emergency.”1

  1. The message was delivered to Azzam on April 11; Cairo advised Henderson that Azzam had “expressed warm appreciation for your views which indicated that ‘both you and he were united in objective.’ Definite decision not yet taken re trip to US but he firmly believes he can be more effective in achieving aims by remaining here where he can influence Arab leaders and governments in desired direction.” Cairo believed that “in spite of Azzam’s sincere reluctance to come [to] US he will in fact be persuaded by Arab leaders, Amir Faisal [the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister] in particular, who are strongly urging his visit.” (Telegram 357, April 12, from Cairo, 501.BB Palestine/4–1248)