501.BB Palestine/1–1948: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)

top secret
us urgent

27. For Austin from Lovett. We are concerned at probable attitude of SC toward UK when Palestine Commission reports on Feb. 1, in light of your 67 Jan. 19.

[Page 555]

On Dec. “3 Ambassador Johnson1 paraphrased text of Dept.’s 586, Dec. 3, 1 p. m.,2 in a telephone conversation with Cadogan and stressed final paragraph this telegram. Please call immediately upon Cadogan recalling this telephone conversation and say that we would feel reassured in the attitude expressed in that telegram if more complete information were available indicating how UK has “furnished utmost facilities by way of advice and continuing cooperation to the Commission from the moment of its creation.”

You should frankly ask Cadogan what he has told the Commission and what plans in detail UK has suggested to the Commission. You should recall to Cadogan that in his telephone conversation with Johnson he said that the idea of the Commission going to London was excellent. You may conclude the interview by saying that we are sincerely desirous that the Commission have every opportunity of successfully fulfilling its most arduous task.

  1. Herschel V. Johnson Acting United States Representative at the United Nations.
  2. Foreign Relations, 1947, vol. v. p. 1297.