711.329/7–948: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Brazil

top secret

511. Dept discussed Embtel 696 June 23,1 with AEC concluding that Brazilian proposals in present form not acceptable but some modification old agreement possible. Pending further study here, the following action appears desirable:

Emb should inform Brazilians that U.S. Govt in receipt proposals and has noted with regret that suggested modifications concerning fissionable source material would permit shipment outside of Western Hemisphere. This govt has always considered the Agreement in light of the mutual security interests of Brazil and the U.S. and [Page 728] would be exceedingly reluctant to acknowledge that the present international atmosphere allows modification and a dilution of the previously agreed principle of control. This govt does appreciate the constitutional problem involved and presently is studying the Brazilian draft proposals in the light of considerations involving the highest long-range mutual objectives of both countries and the security of the Western Hemisphere. Pending conclusions of this review, this govt considers that all provisions of the original agreement (with exception of clause 4 pertaining to prices) should remain in full effect after July 16, until such time as determination of changes mutually satisfactory to both countries can be arrived at through subsequent discussions.
Emb should indicate that this govt is prepared to engage in conversations with representatives of Brazil in Rio on this subject first two weeks Sept. (AEC personnel committed until then.)
Pursuant to Ambassador Johnson’s2 request made here, Dept and AEC will designate advisors to assist Emb in negotiations. Emerson Brown3 has been briefed by AEC and will provide background data on his return to Rio about July 16.
Inform Dept reaction par 1, if date of negotiations satisfactory, and composition of Brazilian negotiating team.

  1. Telegram 696 from Rio de Janeiro, June 23, not printed, contained the translation of a Brazilian note dated June 21. The note constituted a reply to the United States communication of April 6 which is summarized in telegram 238 from Rio de Janeiro, March 24, p. 701. Telegram 696 included the translation of a draft agreement which formed an enclosure to the Brazilian note. (711.329/6–2348)
  2. Herschel V. Johnson, United States Ambassador in Brazil.
  3. Minerals Attaché, United States Embassy in Brazil.