800.014 Antarctic/8–1748

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Secretary of State

Participants: The Secretary
Mr. Norman J. O. Makin, Australian Ambassador
Mr. R. L. Harry, First Secretary, Australian Embassy
Mr. Caspar D. Green, NOE

Ambassador Makin called this morning by appointment made at his request.

He referred to the United States proposal for an international administration of Antarctica. He said that Australia’s right to the territory under its administration in Antarctica had been unchallenged and that they had never thought of the necessity for an international administration. They felt there might be some difficulties. There are no people in Antarctica, but there is, for instance, the matter of whaling in Antarctic waters. They would look favorably upon an arrangement for scientific cooperation. He assured me of Dr. Evatt’s desire to work out a satisfactory arrangement and said that Dr. Evatt would like to see me to discuss the subject. He said Dr. Evatt had suggested that we might have someone in London, or in Europe, who could converse with Dr. Evatt, giving him fuller information on our viewpoint, preparatory to his seeing me.

Upon Mr. Green’s statement that there was no great urgency, I replied that I would be glad to look into the possibility of meeting Dr. Evatt’s request.

I said that we had met a completely negative response from Argentina and Chile, which regard the matter as one of national sovereignty. Our feeling is that the situation is so complicated and the other means of settlement are so complicated that we are afraid we would come out the same hole we went in; that we want to work out a settlement and that internationalization seems to us the way to get it. We think we can get over any difficulties it may present.

Ambassador Makin said he felt sure that Dr. Evatt and I could work out an agreement.

(As Ambassador Makin and Mr. Harry went out, they told Mr. Green they hoped very much that we would not have to make any public announcement until there had been time to come to agreement. Mr. Harry asked if more details were available on the US claim., Mr. Green said the time was subject to decision and that we would try to give them as mush advance notice as possible.)

G. C. M[arshall]