800.014 Ant arctic/7–2148: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina (Ray) to the Secretary of State


730. Antarctic aide-mémoire handed to Larosa this morning.1 Larosa emphatic and voluble in personal conviction that internationalization totally unacceptable as basis discussion: question is one of national sovereignty on which Argentina, Chile and US could easily agree. However, it is utterly inadmissible that countries outside western [Page 996] hemisphere should be given voice within American quadrant. If US would cease backing illegal British retention of Falklands (about which Argentine feelings profound), Antarctic problem would be easy. US should not make mistake of considering Argentina too lightly in the general picture.

In reply to inquiry Green said Chileans had taken no position.

Larosa indicated definite comment would be given later but other matters now preoccupying Foreign Ministry.

Chance may exist Argentina will use perverted interpretation our Antarctic proposal in current anti-US press outburst.

  1. Regarding Caspar D. Green’s visit to Buenos Aires, see the editorial note, p. 994.