Editorial Note

A draft paper dated May 25, 1948, and entitled “Recommendations Concerning United States Policy Regarding Antarctica and Actions for Its Implementation”, together with a draft text of a trusteeship agreement for Antarctica and a draft letter from the Secretary of [Page 977] State to the Secretary of Defense, were circulated in the Department of State under cover of a memorandum of May 27 by George H. Butler of the Policy Planning Staff. Butler’s memorandum explained that the draft paper, agreement and letter had been prepared by a working group composed of representatives of the Office of European Affairs, the Office of American Republic Affairs, the Division of Dependent Area Affairs, the Office of the Legal Adviser, and the Policy Planning Staff. The working group had taken into consideration the views expressed at the Policy Planning Staff meeting of April 21 (see supra) and also the views of two American Antarctic explorers, Commander Finn Ronne and Dr. Paul Siple (800.014 Antarctic/5–2748). A memorandum by the Policy Planning Staff, dated June 2, observed that a number of changes had been made in the various draft papers as a result of a meeting on May 30 between the Policy Planning Staff and representatives of various Department offices and divisions (800.014 Antarctic/6–248). A further meeting was held on June 2 at which time additional revisions were recommended (Policy Planning Staff files, Lot 64 D 563). For the final version of the paper and draft agreement, circulated as document PPS 31, June 9, see infra.