710.J/3–1048: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Argentina

secret   us urgent

231. In any talks with Bramuglia or any other Arg Govt official sharing his views re US-Brit relations (urtel 256 Mar 101) you may comment along following lines:

US does not support claims of either Brit or Arg re Falklands and does not intend to do so. It is opinion this Govt dispute should be settled by peaceful means under recognized procedures international law and that it would be disservice to final settlement for any country apart from nations involved prejudge case.
This Govt believes Brit to be one of strongest forces in world today behalf basic political ideals for which US stands and Dept does not intend take any action which would aid hostile groups to weaken US-Brit collaboration against totalitarian and anti-democratic elements.
In re Bramuglia’s statement regarding Brit socialist Govt you may inform him that while US favors for itself neither socialist Govt nor Govt subject to rigid control of economic life, US does recognize right of any nation to choose these forms Govt. You may point out to FonMin or any other Arg official that the cooperation economic and political which Brit is giving to US in support of democratic institutions throughout world is regarded by us as of vital importance to US in our efforts to further European recovery as a means of combatting totalitarianism and promoting democratic way of life.

It is suggested you speak with FonMin along these lines before his departure Bogotá. For emb info only re final paragraph reftel emb should not permit any hope to linger in minds Arg officials that US would support their position against Brit.

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