Editorial Note

A substantial portion of the documentation printed in the Foreign Relations series for 1948 concerns subjects of relevance to the national security. Documentation in the present compilation is related to the formulation of high level, general policy. This material should be considered in connection with papers on specific issues and areas found elsewhere in the Foreign Relations volumes for 1948. The compilations noted below are of special interest with respect to the more general material printed here.

For documentation on foreign policy aspects of United States development of atomic energy, see pages 677 ff. Regarding United States policy at the United Nations with respect to the regulation of armaments and collective security, see Part 1 of this volume, pages 311 ff. For documentation on the Berlin crisis, see volume II, pages 867 ff. Material on the origins of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization appears in volume III, pages 1 ff. Regarding the diplomacy of the European Recovery Program, see ibid., pages 352 ff. For documentation on United States economic and military aid to Greece and Turkey, see volume IV, pages 1 ff. Additional documentation on the Soviet Union and United States national security policy is included in material on reports of developments of significance within the Soviet Union, in ibid., pages 788 ff. Documentation on United States policy with respect to China is presented in volumes VII and VIII.

To locate documentation on United States policy regarding military assistance to individual nations or areas, see the indexes of volumes III, IV, V (Part 1), VI, VII, VIII, and IX. Material on United States policy with respect to the acquisition of bases and military air transit rights in specific areas of the world may be found by consulting the indexes of volumes III, V (Part 1), VI, and IX.