710 Consultation 3A/4–247: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay (McGurk) to the Secretary of State


134. For Dreier from Boal. My 121, March 21; 129, March 26.13 Carbajal still plans at April 7 meeting to present analysis of CPD terms of reference concluding CPD now has powers to recommend defenses against international Communism. Carabajal says this is at Uruguayan FonMin’s suggestion and that Uruguay Govt does not wish to undertake direct intergovernmental consultation as FonMin thinks this would imply doubt re scope of terms of reference. At same session Carbajal plans to move that CPD send analysis without publicity to govts and possibly PAU with indication it is proceeding to study any recommendations on subject.

I would like to have as soon before April 7 as possible following information:

Does Dept consider this move should be allowed to proceed or does it wish me to continue to oppose it and suggest other alternatives? (Majority of CPD members present favor Carbajal’s suggestion.)
What are Dept’s views re possible return of Argentina to CPD at this time?

  1. Latter not printed.