623.003/4–2547: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Peru


203. Dept not yet received Embs report on specific proposals tariff project Embtel 303 Apr 18.46 Nevertheless in view short time remaining prior to promulgation new tariff schedule Peru, Emb requested express to appropriate high officials Peru Gov Depts deep concern contemplated tariff increases as at variance with negotiations now being conducted Geneva at which major trading nations endeavoring elaborate concerted program to reduce or eliminate restrictive barriers trade all types including reductions tariff rates. Geneva Conference to be followed by fuller general conference of the nations in which Peru will undoubtedly wish participate in accordance common aspiration all American Republics expressed Article 51 Final Act Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace at Mexico City [Page 1025] 194547 “to find practical international formulae to reduce all barriers detrimental to trade between nations”. Emb should express strong hope this Gov that tariff increases may be held in abeyance Peru Gov pending outcome Geneva trade conference. If placing increased schedule in effect unavoidable prior to general conference referred to above assurances desired this Gov that there will be no change dutiable status of those United States products for which tariff reductions or bindings were granted in 1942 trade agreement.

In event any upward revision however limited occurs this Gov strongly hopes reasonable notice new schedule and terms its operation will be given and that Peru Gov will grant adequate exemption for United States goods en route and for other hardship cases goods under contract such as products being especially prepared for Peruvian market.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Published by the Pan American Union, Washington, 1945.