710 Consultation 3A/2–2047: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay ( McGurk ) to the Secretary of State

78. For Dreier from Boal.4 Following is text of press statement accompanying text of resolutions which Committee will release here in Spanish February 25.

“Committee for Political Defense in plenary session has approved and transmitted to all governments of American Republics three recommendations relative to:

1. Expediting the proceedings and simplifying and liberalizing the requirements for travel within continent of nationals of Amercan Republics; 2. to applying to these nationals a common designation such as will reflect the spirit of continental unity instead of classifying them as (aliens); and 3. to the lifting of censorship over all means of communication and of expression of thought.

As a practical measure to facilitate travel for nationals of American countries, Committee recommends to governments of these countries that they eliminate general emergency travel restrictions established because of state of war. It further recommends that through bilateral agreements they adopt measures tending to reduce to necessary minimum the requirements for entry, residence and departure of nationals of American Republics and that they facilitate their travel within continent as much as possible.
In view of importance to continental unity of Committee’s resolution it is hoped that governments of American Republics will take initiative in making reciprocal agreements with each other with a view to simplifying these travels of nationals of American Republics since this travel, developing mutual understanding, will strengthen fraternal bonds between all peoples of this continent.
Recognizing that nationals of countries of this continent are all in broadest sense of term Americans which should prevent their considering one another as aliens Committee further recommends that instead of referring to such nationals as ‘aliens’ governments of each of countries of continent classify nationals of others as ‘Pan Americans’.
Finally Committee, on ground that one of fundamental principles of democratic system of government is that which secures and guarantees freedom of expression, recommends to governments of American Republics that if they have not already done so they proceed to abolish censorship over internal and international communications [Page 97] transmitted or disseminated by mail, telegraph, press, radio or over any other means of expression of thought.[”]
  1. Pierre de Lagarde Boal, United States representative on the Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense.