834.00/7–1747: Telegram

The Chargé in Paraguay ( Trueblood ) to the Secretary of State


391. Embtels 376, July 11 and 387, July 16.41 The following is a literal translation of the mediation proposals as presented by the Brazilian Embassy in Asunción on July 11 to US Government for approval:

“Established the conditions decided upon at Concepción to the effect that the revolutionists do not challenge the authority, which they recognize, of the presidential mandate of General Higinio Morínigo, a council of mediators will be immediately constituted.

Within this meaning the soldiers in arms against the Government will cease hostilities, in order to fulfill the stipulations of the memorandum 6 April (1947)42 and they will deliver their arms to the mediators, who will be the guarantors, of them (the rebels) before the Government and of the Government before them, of the fulfillment of the present commitments.

The revolutionists will be respected in their military dignity; therefore, they will keep their rank and will remain in the army lists, awaiting orders of the Paraguayan Government.

The Government and the revolutionists in confidence entrust the task of pacification to the high sense of justice of the mediators, preserving always the principle of the presidential authority of General Higinio Morínigo until the completion of his term.”

Sent Department 391; repeated Rio de Janeiro 83, Buenos Aires 124.

  1. Neither printed.
  2. Not printed.