Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of Brazilian Affairs (Dawson)

Participants: Carlos Martins, Ambassador of Brazil
Octavio Carneiro, Second Secretary, Brazilian Embassy
A–Br—Mr. Braden
BA–Mr. Dawson

Ambassador Martins referred to Brazil’s qualified offer of mediation in the present internal difficulties in Paraguay and outlined in general terms the Paraguayan memorandum in reply thereto, the substance of which had already been reported to the Department by our Embassy at Asunción.29 The Ambassador said that he had been asked by his Government to review this matter with the Department.

Mr. Martins then stated that his Government had informed him that the Argentine Government had approached the various Chiefs of Mission of the American Republics at Buenos Aires with regard to inter-American consultation on the Paraguayan question, referring to Resolution No. 107 of the Eighth International Conference of American States at Lima in 1938 as giving a basis for such action. Mr. Martins went on to say that his Government felt that this Resolution was inapplicable since the Paraguayan affair was an internal one. Inter-American consultation on the question would be subject to delays and the Brazilian Government felt that the Brazilian démarche looking toward the offer of good offices of neighboring countries would be more fitting.

Mr. Braden agreed that the general terms of Resolution No. 107 did not appear to apply to the Paraguayan case except by the broadest of interpretations.

  1. Despatch 2596, April 16, 1947, not printed.