The Chargé in Paraguay (Trueblood) to the Secretary of State

No. 2549

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith copies and translations of a declaration16 addressed to the people of Concepción and of the Republic of Paraguay by the Command of the insurrectionist forces in Concepción. This statement was broadcast by the Concepción shortwave radio on March 9 and mimeographed copies have clandestinely been circulated in Asunción.

It will be noted that the declaration states that the movement does not answer any political end but has as its purpose the formation of a transitional military government which will (1) grant full liberty to all political parties, including Communist; (2) form a Central Electoral Board with the participation of all parties; (3) effect a cleanup of the Police and Army to eliminate elements supporting the Morínigo régime; (4) guarantee free elections in the near future; and (5) undertake measures to combat the high cost of living.

Respectfully yours,

Edward G. Trueblood
  1. Not printed.