811F.504/3–1947: Telegram

The Ambassador in Panama (Hines) to the Secretary of State

144. In weekly press conference March 18 President Jimenez released text of a cable sent March 17 by Foreign Minister Alfaro to Ambassador Vallarino as follows:

“The Government has been informed that certain North American labor groups and affiliated individuals are carrying out a campaign to obtain the revocation of President Truman’s fair executive order83 whereby Panamanian citizens are admitted to positions in the Panama Canal and the Panama railroad classified within the civil service. The National Government has fought for the full and effective enforcement of the principle of equality of opportunity and treatment for Panamanian citizens working or seeking work in the Canal Zone which principle is incorporated in treaties, agreements and pacts over and over again throughout the nation’s history. The Government maintains unaltered this stand which meets the legitimate interests, rights and aspirations of our working classes. Therefore I request you to be on the alert for the aforementioned adverse negotiations, to inform this Ministry of any developments and to take quickly whatever measures should be required for the protection of the national interests in this regard.”

  1. No. 9830: for text, see 12 Federal Register 1259.