710 Consultation 4/9–2647

The Chargé in Venezuela (Maleady) to the Secretary of State

No. 10486

Sir: I have the honor to refer to Despatch No. 10456 dated September 18, 194737 regarding statements made by certain Venezuelan delegates to the Rio Conference and to report that Dr. Carlos Morales, Minister of Foreign Relations, has now returned to this country and granted interviews to local press representatives. In general, Dr. Morales’ remarks indicate complete satisfaction with the accomplishments of the Conference.

The Foreign Minister did not arrive in Caracas until September 22, having spent the time since the Conference closed as the guest of honor of the Argentine and Uruguayan Governments. He was accompanied on his travels by Dr. Santiago Perez, Director of International Policy in the Foreign Office and his most influential adviser on policy matters, and also it is believed, by Dr. Aureliano Otañez, Director of Economic Policy.

Referring to the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro, the Minister is quoted as saying, “… It is always good to remember that (the treaty) was a triumph for all the Americas because it demonstrates the value of a spirit of conciliation and a desire to maintain the peace in solving political and ideological differences between men and peoples”. He then spoke briefly regarding Venezuela’s partially successful attempts to [Page 87] have included in the treaty a clause differentiating between extra-continental aggressions and disputes between American States. In this connection one reporter inquired whether he considered extra-continental aggression likely, to which Dr. Morales replied that, although the situation looked bad, he could not imagine that another war could break out so soon after the end of the last one. In answer to another question, the Minister said that at the next inter-American conference, he hoped an agreement could be reached on economic cooperation which would raise the living standards of the people.

. . . . . . .

Respectfully yours,

Thomas J. Maleady
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