The Department of State to the Bolivian Embassy


Reference is made to the Department’s memorandum of June 28, 194755 in connection with the Bolivian initiative suggesting that consultation be held among the American republics relative to Nicaragua. In the memorandum under reference it was pointed out that the Government of the United States would support the Bolivian initiative as therein set forth provided the Bolivian Government obtained approval of a substantial majority of the other American republics and provided agreement was also reached on the question of Nicaraguan participation in the Rio de Janeiro conference.56

In view of the fact that the question of Nicaraguan participation in the conference is now being handled through other channels57 at the instance of the Brazilian Government as host, the United States Government is now prepared to support the initiative on the single proviso [Page 864] that the Bolivian Government obtain approval of a substantial majority of the other American republics.

[A copy of the memorandum printed supra was transmitted to the Embassy in Bolivia in telegram 409, July 12, 1947, 3 p.m., concluding as follows:

“Please see FonMin and discuss matter with him. For your background information Dept hopes consultations suggested by Bolivia be proceeded with so that consensus of American republics as to non-recognition of Lacayo Sacasa regime be put on record regardless of what steps may be taken in connection with its participation in Rio Conference which question is now being considered by Gov Bd PAU at request of Brazil. Marshall.” (817.01/7–1247)]

  1. Not printed.
  2. Inter-American Conference for the Maintenance of Continental Peace and Security, Quitandinha (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil, August 15–September 2, 1941; for documentation on this conference, see pp. 1 ff.
  3. i.e., through the Governing Board of the Pan American Union.