817.00/5–2447: Telegram

The Chargé in Nicaragua ( Bernbaum ) to the Secretary of State

u.s. urgent

202. President Argüello today informed me intends tonight to request Somoza’s resignation.26 Decision based on two Somoza circular telegrams attempting to subvert Guardia commanders.27 I gained impression that President had not yet decided whether to force resignation in event Somoza’s refusal. President will inform me tomorrow morning of results.

  1. In despatch 1613, May 20, Chargé Bernbaum had reported on the apparent intention of General Somoza to force a showdown with President Argüello resulting either in his resignation as Jefe Director of the Guardia Nacional or in his confirmation as sole commander, as revealed in a conversation between General Somoza and the Embassy’s Military Attaché, Lt. Col. Harry H. Towler, Jr. (817.00/5–2047)
  2. The first telegram warned that the Guardia was in danger and gave instructions that only General Somoza’s orders be obeyed, and the second ordered the arrest of any officer attempting to take over commands on the President’s orders (despatch 1646, June 6, 1947, filed under 817.00/6–647).