817.00/4–847: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Nicaragua

us urgent

79. Aguado received yesterday by Braden at request former. Aguado described “Nicaraguan situation” saying it has more gloomy aspect now than before elections. Aguado claimed to speak in interest democracy and of stable political regime in Nicaragua rather than of personal ambition. He expressed hope that US, for moral political effect that would result, could in some way support cause he represented.

Braden replied forthrightly that our established policy is one of non-intervention, that we have international commitments to maintain that policy, and that standing firm as regards policy and commitments will in long run have more beneficial moral political effect than would any other position we might take.

On other hand, Braden pointed out that in 1944 we had made known that Govt and people US could not help but feel a greater affinity and warmer friendship for those Govts which rest upon the periodically and freely expressed consent of the governed. …

. . . . . . .