61.1256/12–1047: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Mexico


1251. Mex-U.S. members Foot and Mouth Commission today signed eight-point agreement changing procedure in campaign.47 Agri has requested Dept authorize exchange of notes with MexGovt. Instruction with copies of agreement will be forwarded tomorrow.

Principal changes campaign effected are (1) establishment of northern and southeastern quarantine lines with buffer zones with slaughter method exclusive north of northern quarantine line; (2) regrouping of commission forces along quarantine lines; (3) provisions research and study effect of disease; (4) setting up facilities for vaccine research and testing; (5) stoppage of salvage operations. It is doubtful Congress will appropriate funds for participation vaccination program in central infected zone, other than for research and testing. Shahan and Stoops returning this weekend.


[In despatch 69, January 13, 1948, from Mexico, Ambassador Thurston summarized statements he had made to Under Secretary of [Page 823] Foreign Affairs Manuel Tello on December 15, 1947, in delivering the Embassy’s note which was based on the Department’s instruction no. 1621 of December 12, as follows:

“… considerable concern now prevails in the United States with respect to the existence of foot-and-mouth disease in this country and the threat it constitutes to our own animal industry. I said that this concern was reflected in the attitude of our Congress and that it would be most unfortunate indeed if the disease should be allowed, under the new procedure, to get out of control. I said that the consequences of such a tragic development could be very disagreeable in the international field. I urged that the Mexican authorities be informed of my remarks and that in particular the Mexican Army be urged to give its fullest cooperation to the campaign so that this time, and under the new procedure, it might be successful. I made these statements in such a meaningful manner that there can be no doubt whatsoever that Señor Tello fully grasped their import.” (611.1256/1–1348)]

  1. In instruction 1621, December 12, 1947, there was enclosed a copy of the December 10 agreement, and the Ambassador in Mexico was instructed to take the necessary steps to effect the agreement by means of an exchange of notes with the Mexican Government. For the United States-Mexican exchange of notes of December 15, 1947, and January 3, 1948, see TIAS No. 2404.