611.1256/8–647: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Mexico


772. Meeting August 12 Agriculture of representatives Agriculture including Under Secretary,42 Bureau Animal Industry, representative Dr. Steelman’s office43 and Dept for purpose determining policy current aphthous problems reurtels 853, 858, 859, August 4 and 869, August 6.44

Agreed with MexGovt US appraisers and paymasters should not occupy prominent position beyond necessary assure just appraisals and disbursements US funds consistent responsibility American Section. Correction present situation requires employment additional Mex personnel. Agriculture agrees to appraisals group basis whenever practical. US Govt cannot agree to simultaneous vaccination program because inadequate but will consider holding conference Mexican, American and European scientists preferably in Washington lay groundwork further research England where large staff trained and experienced personnel available. Proposes adequate publicity showing that both Mex and US actively pursuing research all phases disease.

Concerning broad control this Govt cannot agree designation special Presidential representative. Secretary Agriculture responsible to President and Congress operations American Section and disbursement American funds, and Ambassador is personal representative President Truman in Mex. Designation of another person to make political decisions would create confusion and hamper campaign.

US Govt holds agreement immediate future re financial participation essential future effectiveness joint campaign. Would accept plan whereby MexGovt maintains army units and Mex personnel in field and pays 6 million pesos monthly into Joint Commission toward all other expenses, US to supply all additional funds needed estimated at $5,000,000 US. Arrangement would permit coordinated field operation including immediate indemnities all domestic animals slaughtered, purchase and delivery costs of mules, harnesses and plows, and salaries [Page 820] of American personnel. Whereas Mex contribution would remain fixed our contribution would increase with tempo of campaign. Mex financial participation therefore on basis of not more than one peso for each US Govt dollar. Proportionately greater American participation could not be justified before Congress.

Airmail instruction follows with request that Embassy prepare detailed analysis those aspects of campaign having political and economic significance in Mex and probable effects of continuance of present program.45

  1. N. E. Dodd.
  2. John R. Steelman, Assistant to the President; Merle E. Colby, representative of Mr. Steelman’s office.
  3. Telegrams 859, August 4, and 869, August 6, not printed.
  4. In instruction 1422, August 16, the Acting Secretary of State transmitted a copy of the memorandum prepared by the Division of Mexican Affairs at the conclusion of the August 12 meeting; also, a copy of a memorandum by Dr. M. R. Clarkson of the Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture, to Dr. B. T. Simms, Chief of that Bureau. He also informed Ambassador Thurston that President Truman had approved the general policy decisions agreed to by the representatives of the Departments of State and of Agriculture at the meeting of August 12, and continued as follows:

    “The Department desires that you convey the substance of the policy decisions contained in Dr. Clarkson’s memorandum of August 12 orally to President Alemán and that you endeavor to convince him of the desire of this Government to continue its participation in the joint campaign to the fullest possible extent consistent with the obligations of this Government to Congress for the most efficacious expenditure of United States public funds in the conduct of the campaign. You may inform him that the President has and is according full and sympathetic consideration to the serious political and economic problems confronting President Alemán and his administration because of the eradication program, and that the United States Government desires to assist in every practical way in reaching solutions to these problems concurrently with the energetic and efficient conduct of the campaign.”

    In despatch 4477, August 25, from Mexico, Ambassador Thurston reported on an interview with President Alemen on August 22 at which time he had conveyed to the President the substance of the Department’s telegram 772 of August 15.

    For text of an exchange of notes of September 26 and October 3, 1947, making effective an agreement between the United States and Mexico, namely, a joint agreement of the Mexican-United States Commission, see TIAS No. 2404.