711.1227/8–447: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Mexico


746. Instructions re bilateral air transport agreement negotiations Embtel 854, Aug. 4,24 are:

Text of agreement and annex to conform to Chicago and Bermuda principles,25 with form enclosed in instruction preferred by Dept.
Dept’s aims in resuming negotiations are to make all out effort implement President’s Latin American decision26 in toto. Conversations should pursue that aim without concession. Failure to obtain all US routes will probably require review of Latin American decision in all details, affecting all carriers and routes involved.
Therefore, as agreed in conversation with Amb, Dept assumes that if talks between Mexican representative and Bohan fail, Amb to appeal personally to Alemán.
Failure on Presidential level may result in suspension of talks or interim agreement pending review Latin American case. Latter possibility of course should not be disclosed.
Emb requested to keep Dept informed all stages of negotiation, and to make no commitments without Dept’s specific approval.
Dept will send J. J. Wolf to assist Amb and Bohan as technical adviser, when requested.
No publicity to negotiations being given by Dept, even to airlines. Emb requested to pursue like policy and endeavor convince Mexicans to do likewise.
Full powers for Thurston have been requested.

  1. Not printed.
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