710 Consultation 4/9–847

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chairman of the United States Delegation (Marshall)

Participants: Ambassador Julian R. Cáceres, Chairman of Honduran Delegation
Secretary Marshall
Major Vernon A. Walters

At Hotel Quitandinha, August 26, 11:30 a.m.

After the customary greetings, I asked Ambassador Cáceres how he felt the Conference was progressing. He replied that he felt that there would be no further obstacles to the success of the Conference [Page 71] and that he felt the Committees would solve all problems without any serious dissension arising between any of the Delegates. I asked him when he felt the Committees would conclude their work, and he stated that he believed such work would be undoubtedly concluded by the 28th. We then spoke concerning the world situation generally and I emphasized the necessity of understanding the point of view of other peoples. We discussed the development of the American West and its relation to Brazil’s present problems as well as the constitutional structure of the United States.