The Assistant Secretary of State (Braden) to the Ambassador in Costa Rica (Johnson)


Dear Hallett: Thank you for your letter of January 9 advising me of the possibility of trouble in Costa Rica at the time of the Nicaraguan elections on February 2. I have been following with interest your continuing despatches on the disturbed political situation there and the tactics being followed by the Opposition.

We have given careful consideration to your suggestion that an American destroyer pay a good will visit to a Costa Rican port during the first days of February. While such a call might possibly serve the purpose you have in mind, the consensus here is that it would be risky under present conditions and might result in allegations of intervention by groups unfriendly to us who are only too ready to take advantage of any opportunity to criticise. I believe, therefore, that it would be advisable to defer a visit by an American naval vessel until a later date when conditions in Costa Rica are more settled.

Very sincerely yours,

Spruille Braden