821.85/9–1247: Telegram

The Chargé in Colombia (Warner) to the Secretary of State


603. Re mitel 599, September 12. Acting Foreign Minister Urdaneta6 called me to Foreign Office this afternoon. He stated that government deplored and emphatically condemned incident of September 10. He explained that government has refrained from “making excuses” because in Spanish “making excuses” implies active participation and he again emphasized that government emphatically condemned incident and was in no way a party thereto. He admitted police were taken by surprise. Subsequently chief of protocol stated that Foreign Office would send workers to repair broken glass and asked that repair bills for damage to cars be sent to him for payment.

Embassy considers statement of Foreign Minister, coupled with action of Foreign Office with respect to damages, as adequate amends and as satisfactory as a literal apology. Embassy requests Department’s authorization to inform Foreign Minister that Department finds his statement satisfactory, — without prejudice however to any claims for damages which may have been done to American property other than Embassy.7

  1. Roberts Urdaneta Arbelaez, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.
  2. In telegram 460, September 13, 2 p.m., the Department advised the Embassy that the Foreign Office statement was adequate (821.85/9–1247).