821.85/9–1047: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Colombia

us urgent

453. Unjustified and rowdy attacks student and hoodlum mobs against Emb and office Grace and Co have been source much concern to Dept. Fact that Chief of Protocol spontaneously called at Emb to express his regrets for disorders deters Dept from making protest which it otherwise surely would be called upon to lodge. You may say to FonOff that we accept apology of Col Govt without prejudice, however, to any claims for damage which may have been done to American property. It is noted from urtels that certain windows in front Emb were damaged, an Emb car was overturned, and Grace and [Page 557] Co office was sacked. You should point out these facts to FonOff and immediate assessment damage should be made for sake record.

Dept has noted several newspapers, in particular El Tiempo, El Liberal and El Espectador, wrote precipitately in a condemnatory vein before possession facts. Dept confident … that upon explanation they will be glad to publish true facts. Such statements as “audacious attempt at economic aggression” are offensive and misleading.…

In your conversation with FonOff you should make clear that Emb expects adequate police protection in event imminence any further disorder.